St. Mary Catholic School

K-6 Programs

Moral Values: A Foundation for Life

Central to the preschool program as well as our Kindergarten through Grade 6 curriculum is the promotion of moral values. These are life skills that we feel children need to be exposed to very early in life in order for each child to reach his/her full potential.

We will talk about honesty, how to be trustworthy, acceptance of each other, forgiveness, respect for each other and the world, conservation of materials, appreciation for all of God’s gifts, patience, service, and love. Integrating value education in the curriculum will help the children build character, confidence and self-esteem.

Community Service Programs

Our students participate in service programs to reach those in need here at home and across the globe. We partner with local organizations like the Humane Society and Toys for Tots to address community needs. St. Mary Catholic School also has a special relationship with our sister school in Kiwanguzi, Uganda, home of our former associate pastor, Father Celestine Byekwaso. We regularly send the school care packages and exchange letters between students and teachers throughout the year.  Twice a year students participate in the Highway Clean Up Program.  Through these experiences our students experience a personal reward in the giving of themselves, and a collective pride in our community. Through these experiences, our hope is for the children to continue to hear the call to serve one another.

Sixth graders posing while picking up trash on the highway
Students and their teacher experiencing a dog sled

Field Trips & Special Programs

Students at St. Mary Catholic School participate in a variety of special programs such as our Veterans Day program, Christmas play, and Catholic Schools Week.  We also integrate educational and inspirational field trips with our curriculum, including theatre and ares performances, cultural and faith experiences, and sightseeing destinations in Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Appleton, and Green Bay.

Anyone wishing to chaperone throughout the school year needs to complete VIRTUS training and background check.  Anyone who has contact with children at the school will be required to have this training before being allowed to attend a field trip or volunteer with children.  This training only has to  be taken once.  Training dates and information can be found at; click on the Protecting Our Children tab for details.

Summer fun at Ledgeview Nature Center

Summer Programs - Staying Connected

St. Mary Catholic School periodically opens its doors to students during the summer months as a way to provide additional enrichment opportunities that are educational and exciting. Bringing classmates, classes, and families together during summer break gives teachers and our school families a chance to stay connected and helps students transition between grades. Contact the school for a current schedule of Summer Clubs to explore.