St. Mary Catholic School

6th Grade Classroom

Notes From The Teacher

Mr. Mark Giannoni

I have been teaching at St. Mary Catholic School since 2006. I love teaching and I especially love teaching the children at St. Mary Catholic School. I started my career by graduating with a degree in Psychology and I worked in Social Services before going back to school and obtaining my license in Elementary Education. In my free time I enjoy spending time reading, exercising, being with family, and being outdoors.

My teaching philosophy is very simple. Students do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Caring is what they need first, after they know I care then they open up their heart and mind and I can teach them. I show my caring by forming relationships with my students and trying to help them find their dreams and strengths so they can believe in themselves the way I believe in them. Either way they are the future and have unlimited value.

I have always felt part of the St. Mary School Family and have been very impressed with parent and community involvement within the school. At school, God is clearly visible in every dimension of intellectual, spiritual, social, and emotional development of the students. I believe the St. Mary School learning environment is outstanding because of its record of academic excellence, emphasis on values, and supportive environment, which seeks to constantly develop Christ like individuals.
I enjoy working with children and helping them reach for their dreams through their education. Not only do St. Mary students receive a great education, but we also provide students with a deeper understanding of Christ and service to others. This philosophy is centered on the idea that students will be with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to studying and incorporating faith while continuing their education.

I know that all children can learn and succeed. Being in an environment in which students are enabled to build and deepen their relationship with God; to foster an academic culture aimed at the pursuit of truth; and to actively promote growth in virtue is enriching for each and every student. Growing closer to God and strengthening our relationship with Him is something so special. I am blessed to be a part of a loving and supporting Catholic family here at St. Mary Catholic School.


Classroom Pledge

Today I will do my best to be the best.
I will listen.
I will follow directions.
I will be honest.
I will respect the rights of others.
I will treat others as I would want to be treated.
I can learn.
I will learn.
You see, I know it’s all up to God and me.

2019-2020 5th & 6th Grade Class

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