Ms. Nancy Schaefer

Special Events Coordinator


My name is Nancy Schaefer, and I teach the third  and fourth grade classes at St. Mary Catholic School. I have been teaching for forty-one years, forty of which have been at St. Mary’s, and what astonishing years they have been.

God has given me the opportunity and the great responsibility of being a Catholic school teacher, helping students learn academics, but also about God who is the center of our lives. Many people have made great fortunes by placing their time, talent, and money in the “Futures Market.” My futures market is education, teaching our future leaders, parishioners, and community members.

During the school year I enjoy directing the all school Christmas play, organizing “Special Person’s Day”, preparing the
students for the sacraments and weekly Masses, and working as a team with my fellow teachers.... but especially teaching
and watching the students learn and grow.

During my free time I enjoy working outdoors around the house or relaxing with a good book by Mary Higgins Clark. I
also like collecting small glass or crystal remembrances from my travels to other states and countries.