A Commitment to Quality

The goal of St. Mary School is to prepare your child for a global community through faith-based education. We strive to develop skills that encourage students to be life-long learners, to make educated decisions rooted in Catholic values, and to be leaders in service. We focus on the total person and utilize age-appropriate curriculums which nurture each child’s intellectual, emotional, physical, social, moral and spiritual needs. As a private school, we are free to promote your values in a direct, forthright manner – the same way you do in your home. We create a strong Christian foundation upon which to build the support systems that enable each student to be a thriving, contributing member of society.


At St. Mary Catholic School we strive to continue academic growth and success in each student. Every student will be provided with a sound academic education centered on reading, writing, math, science and religion based on the Diocese of Green Bay and Wisconsin State Standards. Students are exposed to the arts and are active participants in the Mass. When students have completed their education here, they are instilled with a sense of confidence, Christian faith and values. And they have a network of friendships that last a lifetime.


Quality Faculty and Staff


We offer the highest quality of instruction and personal attention to each of our students. Parents will have comfort knowing that their children are in a caring, safe and nurturing educational environment. Our high quality team of state-licensed teachers, staff and volunteers are VIRTUS trained through the Diocese of Green Bay, are certified in CPR, first aid and AED, and have completed background checks. Moreover, our instructors have their religious education certification through the Diocese of Green Bay and participate in continuing education opportunities.


Student-to-Teacher Ratio

The student-to-teacher ratio at St. Mary Catholic School is less than 10:1, which means your child receives more one-on-one attention. This low ratio is an invaluable asset in meeting the diverse needs of the individual students. Young children thrive under the close attention and support of caring teachers. Children who need extra help get that help. Children who demonstrate an advanced understanding and talents in certain areas can be challenged. This ratio also allows for greater flexibility in the classroom structure. Parents in large cities throughout the U.S. pay thousands of dollars in tuition each year to give their children a learning opportunity like we have right here at St. Mary Catholic School in Hilbert.